Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing Skeletons...

All you skeletons,
rise up! Dance now!
Fleshless framework,
shake your thing now!
Rattle rhythm, bone drum,
stomp feet! clack hands!
Corpus animated,
curse sleep! Stand!

Bone point pirouette,
sun bleached skulls grin!
Celebrate the coming of the
un-rot (new skin!)
Throbbing through dead meat,
fearful life creeps!
Blood pulse rhythm of the
new found beat!

For those of you wondering what Im on about, this wee poem thingy (its meant to be part story, part exhortation, part hope and part accusation - probably part other things as well), is based on the experience of athis gadge called Ezekiel. You can read about it


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