Thursday, June 28, 2007

Livims Radio is 10!

Well, the radio show is anyhow. The latest one is up and ready for your perusal, featuring all manner of bleeps, bloops, chuggahs, YEOWS!, nings, weeE's and other such noises arranged in such a fashion as to be pleasing to the ear.

Click on over to the livims home page (its in the links), and hit the bit near the top of the screen wot says 'Radio'. Simple, eh?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy hunger...

Fasting for spiritual reasons seems to be almost a taboo subject in Scotland and this vexes me. Im sure that there are a few folk who are up to it, hidden away in secret nooks and paranoid crannies. But why are we so scared of talking about giving up food or some creature comfort for short periods of time? Is it some thing to do with an inherent fear of boasting? Perhaps we're worried about inadvertently encouraging eating disorders. Perhaps we're just worried people will see us as freaks.

In this spirit I would like to officially out myself right here and now: I was fortunate to have been introduced to fasting very early in my Christian life and have found it to be of unfathomable usefulness. I recommend it to anyone who is healthy and wants to know God better.

I quite agree that there are aspects of fasting that are inherently private but Im not advocating that we just go about spilling our guts about everything to any punter that happens to be passing. And obviously we have to be careful about the possible dangers and put a bit of thought into it, but thats no reason to write it off completely.

If you do have a go Id recommend taking medical advice , avoiding hard physical labour while your actually at it and making sure you drink plenty of water. And much like tripping on LSD, I find it helpful to tell one person what you're doing just in case.

Praying every time you would usually be eating is not only amazing for yer relationship with God, but it makes us realise just how much unnecessary crap we really can cram down our throats in a day. Fasting also forces you to slow down. It forces us to think things out and gives us time for new perspectives.

Self discipline, dignity, compassion. Fasting offers a window on all these and more. And lets not forget the mysterious way it seems to convert our prayer into heavenly, incorporeal molotov-cocktails.

I reckon theres allot at stake, and we, in our polite silence, are missing out. So lets not make a big deal of it, but lets at least be ok with talking about it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thus Spake Mandy...

"Id rather be a bollock in a community of other bollocks rather than a lone bollock just wandering about by itself".

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dear Rab...

Hi man - it was cool to see you and get a chance to natter at the 3 Steps Back show in Craigsfarm the other day. Its good to get perspective from people who've been about and know the score.

However, I think I owe you an apology. In fact, I think I owe all of Livi an apology. The night wasnt as well attended as Id hoped and I was tired and all that kind of stuff, so in a hissy fit I accussed Livi of having no soul.

Basically, I want to publicly take that back. Livi so does have a soul! Its wee and fragile and tempramental, but it is there. There is so little of any artistic expression in Livi and its spread so thinly between the faceless rows of dormatory 'first time buyer' housing and ignored green space that it can be really easy to miss, but it is there and we - me and you - are part of it.

Every time we're involved with a show, either going, playing or putting it on we help it grow a wee bit. Every time we keep positive it takes more solid form. I was so wrong to write it off, because by writing it off, I was effectively writing the people off and that was well out of order.

What Livi has now is lightyears further on from what we had back in the day and so much more than I ever expected in such a cultural dust bowl. We have a community (yes its cliqish but thats human beings for you, eh? We're old enough to see through that crap anyhow). We have some small busineses like Live Rehearsal that are run as a genuine service. There are people with real tallent in amongst it all - like Martin Wow! the artist and Brucey Stepda. The skatepark is still an Oasis of alternative sometimes, despite being the Mos Eisley of West Lothian at others. And we still have some pretty chuffing good music. In short: theres some real life expressing itself roond here. How much more might appear as the barrat homes continue to sprawl?

Im convinced that Livis alternative underbelly can and will survive despite looking sickly when compared to cities. Its existence is an ongoing protest against the battery life that people choose by moving here and Im convinced that for their kids, its an essential avenue of escape from it.

And when we're not part of it any more - it'll still be there. I havent meant it to be all preachy and in truth its really aimed at me more than anything else anyway. Im just trying to say that Im sorry for being so cynical the other night. I didnt want to drag anybody down so I thought Id explain why I now think I was wrong. Please - next time you see me talking like that, remind me of this stuff that Im on about here.

Respect & shalom as ever - Doogs

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing Skeletons...

All you skeletons,
rise up! Dance now!
Fleshless framework,
shake your thing now!
Rattle rhythm, bone drum,
stomp feet! clack hands!
Corpus animated,
curse sleep! Stand!

Bone point pirouette,
sun bleached skulls grin!
Celebrate the coming of the
un-rot (new skin!)
Throbbing through dead meat,
fearful life creeps!
Blood pulse rhythm of the
new found beat!

For those of you wondering what Im on about, this wee poem thingy (its meant to be part story, part exhortation, part hope and part accusation - probably part other things as well), is based on the experience of athis gadge called Ezekiel. You can read about it

New Radiophonic Frontiers...

Finally got round to recording another Livims radioshow. As ever, it awaits your perusal at livims - just click the wee button that says 'radio' and yer away.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


An old saying: The King is dead... Long live the King!