Friday, August 18, 2006

Mysteron Casualty Figures...

Following 2 gigs with my Mysteron brothers this week, the casualty figures are in...

Bar Bloc - Tuesday Aug 15th:
1 mauled microphone (courtesy of our esteemed colleagues 'The Poisoning')
1 devastaded power supply
1 trashed light fixture
1 swolen toe
2 cut fingers
1 bruised singer
and the usual scrapes and bruises.

Nektar - Thursday August 17th:
1 Concussed singer
1 even more swolen toe (courtesy of singers head)
2 shamefully dented guitars
1 bulbous, discloloured knee joint
2 burned out speakers (helped allong by our able co-horts Fat Ben & The Looters)
1 PA stack (plus singer ascending) toppled into moshpit
1 headache (belonging to the Sound Engineer)
2 decimated mic stands
1 crumpled monitor
1 mis-shapen kickdrum, malformed by mounting
Several smeared footprints on ceiling (seriously!)
1 pinkie finger (property of mosher), laserated by bass guitar (property of Mysteron)
(minumum) 2 reported cases of tinitus
1 case of whiplash
and to cap off this general atmosphere of mayhem - 1 surprise case of salmonella (not acught on premises, I might add)

Welcome to the crazy world of rock and roll kids!

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Monday, August 14, 2006


Been a bit quiet lately. I suppose sometimes you have to just shut it and admit youve got nothing much worth saying.