Sunday, December 24, 2006

Iron Maiden...

Yas! Keith from YakNak gave me a ticket to see Iron Maiden at the SECC last week and it was AMAAAAZING! I completely regressed to a 14 tear old, giggling when they brought Steve Harris' bass oot tae sound check.

Was I stuck in the seating area? Yes. Where they old men? Yes. Did I not recognise most of the songs? Yes. Was it a contender for gig of the year anyway? Too chuffing right!

Id vowed never to return to the SECC after a particularly ropey Smashing Pumpkins show 10 years ago, but was really chuffe dto see the place has really got its chops together. It actually sounded half decent in there fer a change. But most impressive was to see that the Irons where still still kicking large amounts of prime rump steak.

Maiden where getting a bit long in the tooth when I was a young man (about the '7th Son' era), but never deviated from what they loved. I left them to explore other avenues for a while - Im so very glad that they did'nt follow my lead. Viva their integrity! I could easily paraphrase Jesus' story of the prodigal son here, but you get the picture !m sure.

Its comforting to know that there are constants in the universe other than comets and maths.


Lurch has tagged me in some bizzare internet game of tig, and the code of the playground demands that I pass on the mantle. The challenge is to share 5 things that most people wont know about me... this is hard.

The first is that I have just cut my mohichan off, leaving naught but a 14" long tin tin quiff, comminly reffered to as a 'Devil Lock'. Most people wont know this because I only did it 12 hours ago.

Next is that Im not a big fan of the last song on the VOTM album. We started with an amazing drumbeat that sounded like nothign else, added wonky guitars that where Beefheart oot their nut, layered some amazing fretless exotic bass and topped it off with crazed chanted Clutch style vocals. Unfortunately, this cosmopolitan blend of influences has ended up soundign surprisingly close to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers *shiver*.

Third is that I have never read all the Lord Of The Rongs books, having watched the original animated film and pucked up the literature from there.

Fourth is that I had a dream that I think was from God. It was all about Livingston, seeds and harvests. Its been about 7 years since I had it and no one has ever been able to tell me what it means, but Im sure that someone will one day.

Lastly is that I have loads of regrets about squandering my youth and generally not getting it.

That was easire than I thought actaully. What a narcicist, eh? Right - someone elses turn.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The West Lothian & District Jesus Christ Wonderfuzz Orchestra presents...

A Very Progressive Christmas!
(an alternative celebration - waifs and strays welcome)

A non traditional carol service led by members of
Massacre On The Fjords
Jackie Treehorn
Sweet Chin Music
Voice Of The Mysterons
manfully acompanied by
The Impromptu Kazoo Ensemble (who will it be? Who can tell?)
and also featuring
Davey Dobson

Together they shall present an all time hit parade of Christmas Carol based madness, followed by the mighty SPACIAL ENTREPRENEURS

Monday, December 18th 2006 AD - Deer Park Golf & Country club (Livi) - 7.30 pm as anything


The punx went in 2x2...

Had a lovely couple of nights down in Ayr over the last couple of weeks. Turn out that there is a new venue down there called The Ark thats run as an alcohol free youth centre. No unilateral actions here - its only run by a coalition force of no less than 11 different churches! The Brethren have even assented to working with Catholics! Baptists and Presbyters shoulder to shoulder! Just how it should always be... They even make amazing coffee!

Be friendly - visit and say hello to James and the mob doon thar.

Beaten Up By A Girl!

It was my own fault really...

I was trying to leave work.
After she punched me in the head twice, I raised myself up and spoke to the bealing drunk:
"Gonae leave it out?"
Then took my eyes off her and returned to fiddling with the keys, crouching...
she kicked me in the face.

The only deep damage is to my pride.

Doogs On Tour...

England is a nice place - Im beginning to see what theyre on about.

Thursday saw me heading south to my paternal home of Sheffield for the first time in 8 years. Last time I was there it was to bury my amazing Auntie Blanche who lived her whole life in one house (right next door to the hoose ma da was born in). The train passed amazing grand churches which speckled the eerily flat landscape. It was nice to find life awaiting me in this visit as the blue haired medical student Chris played his very first gig with his new band Free For All. Kind of Snuff meets Billy Brag and, a few wee timing foibles aside, not too shabby at all.

Friday led me back to Livi for an astounding show of streingth from Tabasco Fiasco (, the astounding Secta Rouge ( and promising livi young team A Torn Mind ( Sadly, these myspace accounts largely dont represent the incredible live abilities.

Saturday took me down to Bradford for punk worship (, perpitrated by a certain blog fellow of mine, MaFt. I met and was really encouraged by Stevo, who's really involved in the Manchester Hardcore/sXe scene. It was also nice to get a chance to wallow in God for a few hours. Ideal.

Sunday returned me to Livi and straight into compereing at the Nitespot in a battle of the bands type affair. Things got rowdy (I keep promising myself to stop crowd surfing, I really do). 3 Steps Back done Livi's punk heritage proud and wen through to the semi's. A Shite State Of Affairs reformed and played a fantastic acoustic set. Deadstuartwakes new band Rodent Emporium opened and where sounding gid - and mair gid with every passing show (

4 days of trains, gigs and chips have wearied my body but poured a bucket of freezing water over my bed ridden spirit. Yas.


"And I declared that the dead, who had already died, are happier than the living, who are still alive" - Ecclesisates 4:2

For the 2 people Im not allowed to name and Rab (who wasnt daft). Godspeed you all - you are missed.