Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Recordation radiations....

Spent the day in a nifty wee studio in Motherwell recording drums fer ma bands album today. I feel so rock and roll!

However, it turns out that rock and roll is a bizzre and complex feeling. Theres the inspirational 'I-cant-believe-that-I-can-actually-do-this!' euphoria type thing, but today its tinged with an 'actually-this-sucks-sometimes' thing as well (this downer is, of course, an apparent essential part of the rock and roll experience...its just NME and Kerrang make it sound much more cool - be on your guard for false prophets kiddies!).

So why the 12 bar blues?

Today was the last time our drummer, and friend, worked with us. Davey has now officially made the transition to ex-drummer.

It really hasnt been working out for a while, and although the preassure of trying tae force it to work is off, its still a bit crap to have sacked a mate.

So really all I want to say is that this; I luv y' Davey - God bless yer, guv :)

The rest of yer can avoid this slush by checking out http://reeltimemusic.net for a super cheap as anything studio.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Caution to the wind...

How many blogs do you read with entries that regularly begin with a decleration of how busy yon blogger has been of late? Im afraid this is my first - I feel so dirty!

So the Dougle has been trying out some new stuff recently. Dreaming dreams in public (check out the Wee Pict fer the bigger picture)... talking and drawing in a Rolf Harris stylee for cool scary fantastic sweary kids... Undoing musical ties and closing chapters in the annals of Rock (subsection - Mysterons; the story continues)... bagpipe punk at 1am with God (not the first but definately fun)... losing large chunks of my life to the phone... wondering about zombies... going places and not working out how to get back... seeing into the nooks and crannies of others peoples hopes... seeing the hopes of others realised (astonishing - look hard and find it in a hope near you!)... experiencing my yearly remeberance of what true wonder feels like (its a snowy morning - yon hippy rears his head)... witnessing new seasons of an altogether different type... offending touring emo punx... and other assorted adventures.

Aye man - could get used tae this, likes. Turns out risk can be ok. All this is yours God... make it work somehow.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Wyrd Hell-oween/When in Rome....

Strange happenstances taking place in the Underworld as All Hallowed Eve became All Saints again for 3 brief minutes of pop-gospel peculiarity.

100 feet from possibly one of the biggest pagan gatherings in Britian, the sweaty occupants of a busy mosh pit held each other and roared out Amazing Grace before reverting to the other type of crazed revelry steadily unfolding beforehand.

God turns up in strange places.

Next day I did away with myself to Nunraw Abbey in Haddington to chill with monks for 2 nights. Im not a Catholic - undercover baptist action ;) - so it was new territory. Right outside the comfort zone!

But aye man - mone the monks! Mone the quiet! I did nothing for nearly 48 hours, and couldnt find enough hours of the day to fit it in. Just hanging out with all the sick, the recovering, the feeble, the oddballs, the monk-a-doodle-dandies, 1 punk and God in this wee non-exclusive macro community.

Spent the afternoon talking to Bother Stephen who will be 86 next week. He's done 53 years of God-porridge, and is officially the coolest guy I have met this year.

Canny wait to go back.