Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Regarding Chisels And Mallets...

More and more I'm thinking the secret is to let life chip the edges off you, without letting it knock lumps out.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Week of the year, already...

I scored a new guitar this week and its a total peach. It looks horrible, sounds horrible and has a horribly gaudy green light on it - perfect really. A steal for twenty quid, I have dubbed her 'Thunderbird 1'.

Then I saw Norma Jean in the 'Weeg. My first big hXc gig no less! It was so much fun to see large scale jagging going on in such close proximity. Jagging is a bit like Capoeira sped up to rediculous velocities and set into spinning motion (sometimes even perpetrated by reeling drunks). This all conspires to make for fantastic entertainment when witnessed up close. I realised I was really having fun when - from behind - a body sailed over my head and belly flopped into the action right in front of me. Amazing.

And finally, If I may be allowed to boast a little, I got perfect marks on the New Testament module of my course. I'm officially chuffed to smithereens.

More music?

There is so much amazing music in the world I find it hard to take in its grand canyon-esque breadth and splendor. Even in my parochial wee locality its amazing what grandiose sound can loom into being. I take pride in taking time to listen. I often wonder why more people dont.

Would a band of the month entry be helpful for all you post modernist bewild-o-nauts floating through the ether of choice?


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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On Substance...

If Im being honest, I have to say that I'm not impressed with myself: a thin man with very little depth. I struggle to maintain even basic relationship for the fear that the veneer may be sussed and I get 'found out' (I confess Im hoping this will be a 'me too' moment from you readers - dont let me down folks). Like many of my contemporaries, I hide behind an assumed identity. Mine happens to take a form slightly to the left, rather than assuming that anonymous facade the rest of our society comforts itself with. It would appear that theres safety in numbers.

I grew up aware the lack of substance inherent in our lives. We seem to live a semi-skimmed existence (thanx Douglas ;) ), fundamentally weak and unsatisfying. After looking for something with real depths, and through various adventures, I found something in Jesus. Resonant, pithy, satisfying, He teaches me wholeness...

I'm not wanting to preach though. I'm just trying to get over the fact that this uncommon, precious idea of matter really seems to matter lots. Its rare stuff.

A great victim/perpetrator is music: so much is tripe (both the secular and sacred! Im bored of the 'Christian music = crap' position though). But gems are like peanuts if you ask me - plentiful if your willing to sift through the poo. Heres a belated Christmas present of something with real integrity - Wovenhand. Meaty stuff (suitable for veggies like me), thats innovative rather than generic and honestly expressive instead of cowardly preaching. Something with a bit or real about it.

What say ye?