Friday, April 28, 2006

Wee Shan-dog is gone...

Ma wee dog Shanan has died. The big C had claimed her wee bones and took her off to God.

I once read a story called 'If Jesus had a dog it would be a mongrel'. Well my wee mongrel was found on my doorstep 14 years hence, too wee to have been seperated from her ma and smaller than the cup of my hand. She remains the only Dog I know to have mastered backflip-ball-catching.

She was kind of a community dog during my first bit of homelessness, but settled back in with the family when I did. Laterly she was a trendy urbanite pup, living in the hip city centre Rose Street with my bro. Never the less, she remained to be ma dog.

Im happy that she had a good life.

I am a vain and stupid man...

Yup - the truth must be known.

Now to get on with life.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The swindle is ON!

Yas! Emo Zero Air Play promos was contacted by the BBC a few days ago. They're looking for Christian punx (and other such strangeties) to be on the telly as part of their Good Friday broadcast 'A Manchester Paaion'.

As it happens, it actually looks really great! They're putting the whole easter story to music, so Jesus will be singing 'I am the ressurection' by the Stone Roses, and Judas will be singing 'Heaven knows Im miserable now', by The Smiths. REALLY!

The great Songs Of Praise swindle is on! Jesus loving freaks on primetime!

And to top it all, Im apparently getting interviwed. Brown pant time, likes.

Good Friday @ 9pm - BBC 3

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Regarding 'stuff'...

So the prayer squat experiment has provied a complex and colourful get together. It all barely fits in my leaky head, let alone in paragraphs and grammar...

Spent the weekend thinking about economy manifesting in many forms... eventually visited the local recycling centre and found it was really busy. Yas! Im sure God is pleased with this. I didnt realise how messy my house was untill we turfed 9 or 10 black bags full of crap out (thankyou Sam and Han!). Houses fill up with stuff, and Im reminded how useless 90% of what we own is.

Words sometimes became awkward as I began to learn how to sit with God in peace. Quiet became a celebration. Stillness was like jelly and cake. People relaxed, let the stuff cluttering their bonce get swept and then let their inside self out to play. Patience became important as I realised its no easy being with the likes of me.

I think God can do more with empty things than with things full of stuff. Among other things, these 48 hours has made me realise this is not a truism. It just true.