Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"Your not hardcore..... unless you live hardcore!...." thus sayeth the Shneebly

You know - I think he has something there!
Amen brother....... testify! :)

Friday, October 14, 2005

25CNS - Punk Rock Benedictines?

Two things intertwined this eveing in a most agreeable manner. First, I purchased a copy of 'The Rule Of St. Benedict', and began reading it. It basicaly 'monk life for dummies' and is very good. One of its big themes is not grumbling.

Ouch! Sair yin! I dinny like being called out on that one.

The second thing was that I went to see 25 Cats Named Sam play @ Edinburghs Bannermans Bar. T'was good to see them, especialy since it was their penultimate gig. In the couple of years they have been together they really have made some great music. Intense, angry, springy, jarring noise. However, Edinburgh can be a cliquey city and because they dont know the right people and hang about at the right places and all that they are virtually ignored. I urge you to visit their purevolume site ( and realise why this is an injustice.

However, as they shook their colective feline thang this evening, it struck me that I have never heard them complain.

Grumbligs crap. Im going to try to stop it. Here endeth my lesson.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

So this is it.....

So after ages and ages of being gently 'encouraged' by various punters I am now part of the growing community on-line hacks. Will this become just another egocentric naval gaze, or could these following records/ravings be usefull to anyone other than me?

All I know is that Im 29, have a liking for monasticism and punk rock, and think to waaaaaaaaaay much about myself as it is. Oh, and lets not forget that I'll be dead one day.

So lets get on with dying shall we?